FAQ - Help Center

General Questions

Where is Worddy.co located?

Worddy’s head quarter is located in Malta.
Malta is the first destination that Worddy offered and decided to establish its main office there to facilitate the relationships with schools and clients.
Worddy has now an office in London and in South Africa.

Why should I book with Worddy.co ?

Most of the people are drowned in the information given by language schools. You will find different type of courses, different names of courses for the same exact course, different prices, different locations…
How to choose the right place for you? How to choose the right course? Where should you go or even which city is better than another one ?

Worddy decided to ease this long and complicated process by offering you two options, either to book your courses by yourself (direct booking) if you already know where you want to go and what type of language course you want OR you have the option to fill in the Worddy form (“let us book for you”) and we would match best schools for you according to your criterias of interest.

We are very transparent and to every schools that we offer, we include their price list (on the right side of the page) so you can see that we do not over charge you BUT we give you a discount.

To sum up:

- Worddy makes the search and booking process much easier and faster for you.
- Worddy is transparent and do not over charges you BUT gives you the best possible price.
- Worddy offers you a customer support available in 3 languages and this 7/7.
- Worddy offers you a friendly website easy to use with accurate information.
- Worddy eases the payment part between you and the school and explains you all the steps.
- Worddy remains at your disposal for any query, any doubts or any questions.

In which languages can I contact Worddy.co?

You can contact our customer support agents in English, French and Spanish.
Soon you will be able to communicate with us in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Portuguese.

Booking Process

Is there any age restriction to book a course?

The minimum age in order to direct book a course is 16 years old.
For students under 16 years old, a certificate of authorisation has to be issued by the parents or legal guardians as well as a copy of their passports.

Is it possible to book by groups? For how many person can I make a booking/reservation?

For group booking, please fill in the form “let us book for you” and mention in the note that you would like to book for a group,
please be as specific as possible so we can come up with a detailled quote for you (how many people, age, location of interest, budget…)

What happens if my booking is not accepted?

If your booking is not accepted we need to understand the reasons.
If it’s a matter of availability, Worddy will offer you another suitable option as per your criterias of interest.
If the reason is other than availability please contact us so we can understand what happened.

Can I book language courses without accommodation?

Yes of course, whether you direct book or let us book for you, you can choose the options you want.
For direct booking you just need to tick “no accommodation”
If you let us book for you, you just need to tick “no” in the form, in the accommodation section.

I have made a mistake on my booking, how do I change the details?

You just need to email us, request a call back or message us via our online chat and we would modify the details and contact the school to inform them.
We would then get back to you to confirm that everything is settled accordingly.

I have an emergency and I need to re-schedule my course and/or accommodations. Can I do that?

Emergencies happen and we work those situation on a one to one basis.
However, it’s the responsibility of the client to check the terms and conditions of the school regarding cancellations policies.
We would need to contact the school and negotiate for you as we have a direct relationship with them. We would do our very best so you do not lose your booking.

How do I know if a discount is given?

When you direct book, you can see in the card the % of discount given.
You can then check the price list of the school available on the school page and compare.
Worddy guarantees the best prices and never over charge clients.
We give discounts as we have very good relationships with schools we work with.

Can I book a Worddy school by phone?

You can either direct book via our website or you can let us book for you by Request call back.
You can give us all the information we need to book for you.
You will then, receive all the information and sum up of your order by email.


How many students are in each group class?

Usually schools takes 10 students per classes, sometime some take up to 12 students.

When do the courses start and end? How long are the courses?

You can decide of the start and end date BUT most of the time the courses start on Mondays.
Courses last an average of 45 minutes.

Will I receive a certificate of completion or diploma when I finish my course?

Every schools issue a certificate of completion after you completed the courses.


Are the room rates per bed/person or per room?

Price are per week and per person. Rates vary according to the option you choose.

Can Worddy.co recommend me a type of accommodation?

Of course, Worddy understands clients needs and will recommend the most suitable option for you.
If you do not like to share a room Worddy can offer you private rooms or private accommodation.
We always work on a case by case basis to ensure the highest level of customer service.


Do I need a Visa? How do I get it?

It all depends where you are from and where you plan to go.
Every schools have a dedicated department for Visa and will ensure you get your Visa.
The school will directly give you the step to be taken to get your Visa and will provide you with appropriate documentations.
Worddy will be there to assist you in the process.

Travel & Safety

Can you book my flight with Worddy ?

Worddy does not book flights for clients but can recommend you which airline would be the most suitable for you.

Do I need to apply for insurance?

It is the responsibility of the client to purchase a travel and a liability insurance to make sure you are coverered during your stay.
Worddy can help and recommend you which insurance would be best for you.

Payments Process

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfer and Paypal for the payment of the deposit. Once the deposit is paid, you can directly pay the schools by bank transfer.

How does the payment process work when booking with Worddy?

If you direct book, you will need to pay the deposit to enable Worddy to liase with the school and send them all the details of your booking.
Payment of deposit can be made by bank transfer or by credit card or via Paypal.

1) If you let us book for you, once we received your form with all the criterias of interest, we will send you the most suitable school we found for you and we wil send you a link of payment for the deposit.

2) Once the deposit is paid, Worddy will send the booking request to the selected school.

3) The school will send us a booking confirmation (confirming availability of the course and/or accommodation) that we will send to you.

4) The school will then issue an invoice that you will need to settle to finalize the booking of your course and/or accommodation. Payments to schools are made by bank transfer directly to them.

5) Once the final payment is made, you will just need to book your flight and to pack!

If I pay the deposit, but finally decide not to proceed with a booking, what happens?

If you pay the deposit, Worddy would have already started working on your booking and even if you finally decide not to go ahead with a booking, the deposit cannot be refunded.

What happens if I start a course and decide to stop?

Termination means stopping or leaving all or part of the course and/or accommodation once the course or your stay in an accommodation has started.
If you decide to terminate your course at any point after starting date no refund will made of tuition, accommodation or booking fees by Worddy or by the school.