Why book with us ? 🚀

Most of the people are drowned in the information given by language schools. You will find different type of courses, different names of courses for the same exact course, different prices, different locations…

How to choose the right place for you? How to choose the right course? Where should you go or even which city is better than another one ?

Worddy decided to ease this long and complicated process by offering you two options, either to book your courses by yourself (direct booking) if you already know where you want to go and what type of language course you want OR you have the option to fill in the Worddy form (“let us book for you”) and we would match best schools for you according to your criterias of interest.

We are very transparent and to every schools that we offer, we include their price list (on the right side of the page) so you can see that we do not over charge you BUT we give you a discount.

To sum up:

  • 🚀 Worddy makes the search and booking process much easier and faster for you.
  • 💰 Worddy is transparent and do not over charges you BUT gives you the best possible price.
  • 📞 Worddy offers you a customer support available in 3 languages and this 7/7.
  • 💻 Worddy offers you a friendly website easy to use with accurate information.
  • 💳 Worddy eases the payment part between you and the school and explains you all the steps.
  • 💬 Worddy remains at your disposal for any query, any doubts or any questions.

Get 5% to 30% lower rate than directly with schools

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