Cavendish School of English was founded in 1983. They have been teaching English Courses to students of all ages and nationalities. Over 200,000 students have benefited from Cavendish's courses.  

Cavendish School of English is based in Valleta, the capital of Malta. The school's building is an historic house which was built in the 1900's. 

The building used to be the the home of a wealthy businessman. This historic location went through complete renovation and is now a modern and beautiful site!

Cavendish School is one of only two schools (out of the 40 that are based in Malta) whose lisence was granted in Valetta. This is a huge opportunity for students that are looking to escape the touristic crowds and study in a relaxed and beautiful environment.

Cavendish School of English offers high-quality English language courses to its students.

The schools' language courses are student-focused and very interactive.Cavendish's staff & teachers are all committed to ensuring their students experience a great time learning English in Malta. 

Cavendish School is dedicated to quality

Cavendish School is client-focused. They strive to make sure their student are always happy and satisfied.

The school is a family-run business with 6 family members actively involved with the day-to-day running of the school.

The are focused on quality over quantity. This is why they are committed to learning their students' names regardless of the group size.

There is one Welfare Officer appointed and his/her role is to look after each and every student at Cavendish.

Their main mission is to meet their students' expectations by providing them with top-quality classes and a memorable experience!

Why Choose Cavendish School?

  • Experience
    The school was established in 1983. They have over 30 years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language.
  • Leisure Activities
    The school offers exciting activities all year long. In comparison to other schools, Cavendish offers between 7 to 9 quality excursions within a 2 week stay. Activities are at an extra cost, however they consist of an all-inclusive experience that includes transport to and from the excursion. 
  • Unique Junior Summer Programs
  • Exclusive Pick-up and Drop-off Service
    Cavendish School is one of the only schools to have a special pick-up and drop-off service where they collect their students from their hosts up to four times a day with their own transportation.


 Cavendish Staff

Cavendish's teachers are fully qualified in teaching English as a foreign Language with many years of experience. 
Moreover, within the school, there is a continuous program of staff development and training to make sure that Cavendish school's teachers use the most updated teaching methods and materials. 
The English courses' offered by the school are student-focused with the highest possible standard. This is evident in the school's long and successful history in teaching English. 
Having an individual approach, the teachers make sure to discuss individual goals with their students in order to tailor the English course to meet their needs.
Cavendish's teaching methods are unconventional. They strive to make sure that their students practice what they have learned throughout the course, outside of the classroom. Their main objective is to encourage and ensure that their students become very capable when it comes to expressing their own ideas, opinions and thoughts.   


Most popular

If your job requires you to use English on a regular basis, then this programme will give you plenty of time and scope to practice your English communication and language skills.

Whether in a corporate, field-specific or social setting, the right language skills will enable you to do business in a better and more efficient manner.

At the lessons you will be taught effective communication in the atmosphere of business negotiations. You will also be provided with a specially developed inlingua English textbook that reveals business topics such as business meetings, finance, presentations, negotiation, business correspondence, intercultural communications and communications and much more. Choose a business English course along with cultural events organized by inlingua Malta so that you enjoy a fun holiday while studying English in Malta.



  • Air conditioned comfort with natural light all year round.
  • Audio-visual equipment.
  • Stationery and workshop.
  • Internet café & Wi-Fi.
  • Lift to all floors.
  • Cosy cafeteria and lounge area.


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