Easy School of Languages is committed to delivering the best language courses as possible so they can help their students to achieve their language learning goals.  

The school is located in the heart of Valletta, Malta’s capital city. It provides a friendly, yet professional, environment conducive both to individual attention and group interaction. 

Thousands of students have already reached their language learning goals studying at Easy School of Language. Every year, they keep hosting thousands and thousands of students. 

Easy School of Language's culture is based on a holistic language learning approach. Not only they provide their clients with high standard courses but they also do everything for you so you can learn the language outside of the school. Indeed, they offer an environment that is conducive to learning. 

 Easy School of Language's Teachers

  •  Easy School of Languages's team is composed of enthusiastic and motivated teachers coming from Malta & also the UK
  • They strive for academic excellence
  • Monitor every single student's progress and provide him/her with constructive feedbacks
  • They are all carefully chosen and hold recognised qualifications in TEFL such as CELTA and DIP TESOL
  • Their teachers have several years of experience of teaching English as a foreign language

Why Choose Easy School of Languages?

Easy School of Languages has four main core values:

  1. Having clear, consistent teaching and learning methods: Easy School of Languages' academic team have developped their own programmes and teaching methods that are based on the Communicative Language Teaching Approach
  2. Having an Immersive Approach to Learning: The school make sure you learn the language inside and outside of the classroom by integrating social and cultural activities programme.
  3. Monitor Students' progress: Every students get an individual attention from the school's teachers who regularly review their progress.
  4. Being profesionnal: All the teachers at Easy School of Languages are certified (TEFL, Cambridge ESOL CELTA) by local and international accredited bodies. The school make sure that their teachers are trained to deliver high quality courses.

Easy School of Languages' MISSION

Easy School of Languages' mission is to provide high quality English courses as a foreign language (EFL) to non-native speakers, professionals or international students.

To achieve this mission, Easy School of Languages pursues the following goals:

  • Improve the English level all of its students whether it's for further study at a university, professional or personal purposes.
  • Make sure its students learn as much as possible by providing them high quality courses, social and also cultural support. 
  • Adhere to the highest standards of English language instruction by attracting and developing talented and experienced teaching staff who strive for academic excellence.


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If your job requires you to use English on a regular basis, then this programme will give you plenty of time and scope to practice your English communication and language skills.

Whether in a corporate, field-specific or social setting, the right language skills will enable you to do business in a better and more efficient manner.





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