EC Malta is located in the heart of St. Julians, one of the most popular neighborhood on the island of Malta. The school is right in front of the sea which makes it very easy for students to go for a swim after school.

St. Julians is known to be the liveliest neighborhood of Malta. Next to the school, you will be able to find plenty of restaurants and shops and also many bars and nightclubs in Paceville.

There is also a bus stop few meters away from the school which make it very easy to go wherever you want on the island.

EC Malta is one of the EC's biggest school. Indeed, the building has 62 classrooms and also offers a cafeteria and a garden on the roof. This very modern school has many advantages and also a wide range of courses that are suitable to youg learners but also to the 30 + and also to the 50+ years old who will be sure to find the course that they need. 

EC offers high quality English Language Courses to its students. They make sure they meet their students' expectations. 

EC Malta dedicated to quality

EC's aim is simple. They want their students to reach the English level they want. They provide the education, learning environment and social programme you need to make the progress you're capable of. 

EC Malta: A modern Language School

The school is very modern and has 62 classrooms, a lounge with a cafeteria where you will be able to spend your breaks with your friends. The school also has a library and and a computer room. All the rooms at EC Malta are fully equipped with air-conditioning and also interactive whiteboards.

The part of the school students love the most at EC Malta is definitely the huge terrace on the rooftop.

By studying at EC you will get a discount at the fitness gym and you will also have a free entrance at the Beach Club during summer. 

EC's Teachers

With their experience of 30+ years, EC claims to have created an engaging and relevant framework that delivers the results their students are looking for.

All the teachers at EC hold international qualification that proves their expertise in teaching English as a foreign language. In order to teach at EC, they also have to show a certain amount of time of experience. 

EC is very committed into delivering the best English Courses as possible. They maintain the highest teaching standards by working with students in small groups which guarantees the best results.

    • Maximum support: Two teachers will support you through your time at EC. They will monitor your progress by assessing you and they will offer you the resources that you need to make progress. 
    • Measuring Satisfaction: EC is the only English School using the highly regarded Net Promoter Score (NPS) system to gather feedback constantly and act swiftly to correct anything reported as being less than perfect. 
    • Academic team: Their team is composed of professors, published authors and cutting edge educational technologists. EC is alway on the lookout to find the latest trends and methodes to ensure to deliver the highest standard course as possible.

The unique promise that EC makes is to guarantee you that they will do whatever it takes to helps their students to achieve their goals.

Why choose EC Malta?

  • Located in St. Julians, a great neighborhood, just across the seafront
  • Discount at the fitness gym and free entrance at the beach club during summer
  • EC Malta is one of the only school in Malta to have the ISO 9001 certification which is a guarantee about the course quality
  • EC has its own app that inform you continuously about events and activities
  • On top of the regular courses, you will be able to access free course during your free time. Indeed EC Malta offers a wide range of different workshop everyday like the "career workshop" where you will learn how to write a proper resumé and many other kinds of workshop. 
  • Even though, the average age of their students is between 18-25 years, the older students are more than welcome. They will be able to access specific programmes. Every one who wants to learn Englishn regardless their age are more than welcome at EC Malta. 
  • Mordern school equipped with the latest technology
  • Great staff & teachers.
  • Linguatime offers a wide range of leisure activities
  • Muliticultural environment with over 40 nationalities

EC's mission statement

EC's mission is simple. They will do anything to make sure you reach the English Level that you want to attain. 



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If your job requires you to use English on a regular basis, then this programme will give you plenty of time and scope to practice your English communication and language skills.

Whether in a corporate, field-specific or social setting, the right language skills will enable you to do business in a better and more efficient manner.





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