International House Malta was founded in 2001. Its first location was on Gozo Island. in 2007, IH opened their adult school in St. Julians, and it also became the main centre where the school operates from. In 2005, IH also launched their summer programmes for young learners in the Nort of Malta.

Up to this day, the school still runs the three centres. Each centre offers different types of programmes and classes. You will surely be sent to the centre that matches best your needs in terms of type of classes, leisure activities & also accomodation. 

The school's objective is to give their students the academic excellence with a good value for money.

International House Malta dedicated to quality

International House Malta is extremely careful when it comes to their clients' experience. They want to make sure they all leave the island of Malta with great memories and the satisfaction of having reached their goals.

IH Malta: What Makes Them Special

IH Malta is:

  • Located in a great location in St. Julians with many bars, restaurants & cafés around the school
  • Equipped with air-conditionned & interactives whiteboards
  • Offering many different leisure activities
  • The community they bring together under the roof of their HOUSE, making it truly INTERNATIONAL (You will notice the play on words)

IH Malta: The team

IH Malta's teachers are experienced and committed in providing the best language courses as possible to their students.

The teachers also adopt a unique and personal teaching style. They follow every students individually, in order to help them to maximise their learning experience inside and outside of the classroom.

International House's mission

IH (International House) Malta provides high quality English Language Courses to its students. The school value its community (teachers, students, admin and academic staff). IH do believe that by bringing this sense of community, its students will have a bette experience in Malta whether it's inside or outside the classroom. 


Most popular

If your job requires you to use English on a regular basis, then this programme will give you plenty of time and scope to practice your English communication and language skills.

Whether in a corporate, field-specific or social setting, the right language skills will enable you to do business in a better and more efficient manner.





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